Welcome to my Doll Theatre

I am a professional Make Up Artist who offers professional Face Ups and Wigs for your dolls. Please take a look at my work on my Instagram: @doll.theatre

Doll List

I can do wigs for following dolls. Please take a look at my list and if you cannot find your doll, I will check if one has a similar size. Thank you.

° Angelphilia
° Bimong: New Dandelion, Narae and Cocoro
° Black Cherry Dolls: Kaorin
° Doll Chateau: Youth and Kid
° Doll Family H: 45cm and 70cm
° Dollzone: Milky Tea, Yin Long
° Dust of Dolls: Doom, Cham and Appi
° Fairyland: New Feeple 65, Feeple 60 old and new, Minifee, Littlefee, Pukifee, Realpuki
° Forgotten Heart dolls
° Groove: Pullip, Taeyang, Isul, Dal and Byul
° Harucasting: Msd Neul and Geurim, Somsatang
° Imdadoll: 4.3, 3.0, 2.6. and 1.7
° Jacoonsun: NanaRou
° Leekeworld: A- and B-type 
° Lillycat: SD, Msd, Msd Newt, Chibi Newt, Poulpy and Chibisize
° Little Monica: SD
° Maskcat: SD
° MizzMian: Liz and Lin
° Peakswoods: Fob, Foc and Dandy Foc
° Ringdoll: SD
° Rosen Garden Bjd: Rosemion
° Rumpeldoll: Morfeo
° Skydoll Pigi
° Smartdoll
° Supiadoll: SD